›[I]m Laboratorio des Cörpers‹

Blühm, K.: [I]m Laboratorio des Cörpers‹ – Zur Rolle des Körpers im Werk Immanuel Kants. The 13th International Kant Congress, hosted by The Norwegian Kant Society. Oslo, August 6-9, 2019, Section Anthropology and Psychology.    Proceedings hg. v. Camilla Serck-Hanssen und Beatrix Himmelmann. Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter (voraussichtlich 2021)

General Commentary ARTICLE

General Commentary ARTICLE on an obvious conflict between a recent study by Brielmann, A. A., and Pelli, D. G.: Beauty requires thought. Curr. Biol. 27, (2017). 1506–1513 and a commentary on this study by Luoto, S. (2017). Front. Psychol. 8:1281. There is a possibility to do justice to both lines of evidence and to turn the contradiction into a contribution: Commentary: Commentary: [sic] Beauty Requires Thought, by Katharina Bluehm, published in Frontiers in Psychology, section Cognitive Science.


Workshop18th to 20th of April 2018 Centre Universitaire de Norvège à Paris,

Ernst Cassirer’s Post-War Afterlife

Contribution on „Recent Research on the Notion of the Subject in the Horizon of the Cassirer/Heidegger Divide“

PROGRAM, HOSTS& PARTNERS: Workshop_Cassirer_Paris








Pleasure as self-maintaining motivation

Special issue of Art & Perception with Abstracts from the 5th Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC), Berlin, August 25th–27th 2017, has been published: http://booksandjournals.brillonline.com/content/journals/22134913/5/4. Late draft: Pleasure as self-maintaining motivation − a Kant-based approach_ VSAC 2017_ Bluehm. The VSAC is a satellite conference of the European Conference on Visual Perception. This year’s organizers, Claus-Christian Carbon (U Bamberg) & Joerg Fingerhut (HU Berlin), explicitly encouraged contributions from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives.

Workshop „ Aesthetic affectivity reconsidered“

Workshop „ Aesthetic affectivity reconsidered“at Bauhaus-University in Weimar, gated-dklSeptember 15-17, 2016.

 Local organization: Christiane Voss (Bauhaus-University, Weimar) in cooperation with: Angelika Krebs (University of Basel) and the European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions (EPSSE).

Beitrag zur Phänomenologie der Faszination:The faculty for judging through…pleasure“gated-ndkl.


 Abb.: Videostills aus „Ungated“, K. Bl., ca. 2001

Consciousness & Experiential Psychology Section

Jahreskonferenz der Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section der British Psychological Society am 1.-2. Sept. 2016 in Bristol, contribution and CEP bursary.

Beitrag on performative selfhood: „Is selfless experience of pure temporality possible? A Kantian step into a recent debate between Jennifer M. Windt and Evan Thompson“